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The 2011 Central NC Pagan Pride Days festival was a grand success.  Our final numbers: 

   2100 total attendance
   5700 pounds worth of food bank donations
   22 pints of blood donated

More about the 2011 festival:

Letter from Johnson Davis

James Smith's Photo Albums
      PPD Day One
      PPD Day Two

Osvaldo Soto's Photo Album

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What People are saying:

I just wanted to send you a message and tell you how much I enjoyed going to the festival both days!  I came with my friend who had not come to one either. We had a lot of fun and felt completely at home. ...  Thank you again for welcoming us to this with open arms. It was wonderful!"
 - A.G. -

This will be my family's third time attending the Pagan Pride Day and we are very excited.
- T -

I love this community and we will be back next year even if it does mean traveling 800 miles to do so.
- E. C. -

Pagan Pride Project (International Organization)

All over the world, local coordinators host Pagan Pride celebrations around the Autumn Equinox.  Pagan Pride Day fosters dignity in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity, and community.

Special Thanks

The Central NC Pagan Pride Days staff sends out a special thanks to some local groups that have stepped up to manage volunteers for some of the most demanding aspects of the festival:

The Wilson Pagans is covering the front gate, handling the tons of food bank donations we always receive, and counting attendees as they welcome them to the festival.

The Church of the Earth is covering the PPD information booth, answering questions, selling raffle tickets, and providing a central place to organize workshops and other activities.

The Sojourner crew is hosting our overnight guests on Saturday night, managing the meals and activities to keep everyone in the dorms safe and happy.