Making Incense Blends

This will be a workshop to show beginners how to blend their own, loose, charcoal burning incense powders and/or 'self-lighting' incense powders. Subjects covered will Tools: thurible, mortar & pestle, etc. Basic Choices: the 4 elemental incense choices, the 7 planetary incenses, the 10 Qabalistic and the 12 astrological incenses and how to choose and mix them for ritual work. Pinches will be burned to give examples of their scents. Steps: kindling your charcoal, or creating your 'self-lighting' powder, grinding, blending, burning, storage, uses and more!


Magus is a practitioner of tarot, geomancy, Golden Dawn, Hoodoo and Pagan magick. He is the proprietor of Thaumaturgy 777 and makes incense blends, bath mixes and floor washes for clients and customers, using the same techniques that will be discussed in the workshop.

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