Practical Shamanism

Earthchange Edition Introduction

The upshift in Earth's energies is causing various symptoms of accereritis as well as Earthchanges. Learn a few very practical shamanic techniques to improve your health, ease symptoms of the upshift and protect your self from non-beneficial energies. Learn about shamanic protection of home and property from big winds common to Raleigh.

Azurae Windwalker

Azurae Windwalker is a shamanic healer , visionary artist and teacher of Practical Shamanism. Thousands have enjoyed her wisdom and healing art at Body Mind Spirit Expos, Unity Churches, universities, healing centers and other metaphysical venues. For over 20 years she has served her spiritual community with shamanic healing services.

Example of a Soul Petroglyph Portrait

Azurae received her shamanic training in the XAT Native American Medicine Society of Nashville where she became ceremonial leader and council pipe carrier after a traditional seven year apprenticeship. After an amazing attunement at the Great Serpent Mounds in Ohio, Azurae received the help of the White Light Brotherhood for her healing, artwork and ceremonial practice. She also works with the Spirit in Nature, the Angels of Healing, the Divine Self, the Little People, the Eco-Dragons and her own White Light Brotherhood Healing Team for personal and planetary healing.

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