Understanding Astrocartography

Astrocartography is an astrological technique, based on your natal or birth chart, that shows areas of the state, country, or world where specific planetary energies are strong. These planetary areas show places on the earth where there will be greater opportunites for success in all areas of life. The clarity of these maps has to be seen to be believed. This lecture will show, in direct and specific ways, how you can benefit from them. As examples: The Venus Line reveals relationship potentials and in Bill Clinton's map, this line appears in Chicago where Hillary was born. In Yoko Ono's map, hers is in Liverpool where John Lennon was born. In Lennnon's map his Venus line appears where she was born. In this class these and many other expamples are shown that reveal not only relationship potentials but where career, home, spiritual, and social success can be found. To see what they look like check out my web site: darrellsteenastrology.com

Darrell Steen

I have been a professional full-time astrologer for 35 years and have clients all over the world. This means that I havd a great deal of everyday, realworld, hands-on experience dealing with thousands of indivduals from all walks of life. Over the years I have done hundereds of radio and TV shows mostly in the Midwest: Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

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