Wild Earth Magick with Poetry

I would like to do a workshop on Wild Earth Magick with Poetry can be used in Rituals and Ceremonies.
As an Author, I have found that there is a strong correlation for words to work into the magick needed for Energy and Spirituality.

I am hoping that everyone who joins us...will have gained yet another way of contriving what they already enjoy...especially those that love to write!

Dena M. Ferrari

(Be prepared...fair warning!! LOL)

Dena’s poetry has been included in the Westchester Community College of NY “Phoenix” (1976), has placed several times in Fields of Earth, a poetry contest sponsored by the Writers’ Ink Guild and in Charles Weyant’s book, “An Odyssey in Broken Rhythms and Ragged Lines” (2006). Many of her recent works can be seen by Writers Alliance Poets World-Wide anthologies like: “The Stars that Entertain Us” (2010); a charity anthology poetry book for OXFAM.

With several of her works appearing in the Writers Alliance Poets World-Wide: “Summer Sun” (2010), Followed by her own book, “Poems From the Hearth” (2010) “Autumn Gold” (2010), “Winter’s Wonderous Days” (2011)

Her short stories have been listened to, worldwide, on an online radio station...soon to re-establish itself.... www.WitchcraftRadio.com.

As Rev. Ferrari, Dena has been a guest speaker at the Unitarian Church in Fayetteville as well as the Girl scouts in selma, NC. When not writing, Dena volunteers; ministering in prison. She and her husband, Peter, enjoy being a part of Nature and remains Spiritual in all their endeavors. Dena is currently writing fantasy and Pagan tales for magickal children of all ages.

Brightest Blessings to you and yours.

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