Create Pagan Pride Days

Want to help create Central NC Pagan Pride Days?  Of course, the easiest way to participate is to attend. If you have never been to this festival, that is the most interesting and fun thing to do. If you have been before and are ready to get more involved, read on...

Maybe you want to dance, sing, act, or perform for the crowds at the festival? Or, maybe you want to run a booth, selling your wares
or providing information about your group? Have a great idea for a workshop? And we can never have too many volunteers!  And let's not forget sponsorship, a great way to publicly support the Pagan community
with cash or other resources.

Maybe you could help promote the event by printing some fliers or putting a banner or your web page? And there are more ways to participate! Read all the articles in this section or just contact us and suggest how you would like to help!