You can help promote the event by telling your customers about us.  Provided below are some resources that might help you with that:

Banners for your Website

Here are some web ready graphics you can use as banners or links to our site.
  1. Right-click the image you prefer and save it to your machine
  2. Upload it to your website.
  3. Link the image to our url "".
 The final code might look like this:

<a href=''>
   <img src='images/CNCPPD2011-Color600.jpg'/>

If you need help with this, feel free to write us or call +1-919-283-3733.

Large 600 pixel wide image:

Medium 400 pixel wide image:

Small 300 pixel wide image:

Very Small  200 pixel wide image:

I have also attached an extremely large 1600 pixel wide version suitable for printing or additional manipulation.  Download it here.

If you prefer to use a text link, please use the text: "Central NC Pagan Pride Days".

Promotional Contact Cards

Here is a promotional contact card (business card size) suitable for use at VistaPrint, Staples, OfficeMax, Kinkos or other business card printing services. 
  1. Download the print ready graphic to your computer.
  2. Select "Upload a complete design" from the VistaPrint Personal Card (25 or 500 cards)  or Business Card  (250 or more cards) page.
  3. Choose "Horizontal" and press the "Continue" button.
  4. Press the "Choose File" button and select the print ready graphic you downloaded in step 1 above.
  5. Press the "Next" button and a proof should display.  If it looks fine, click the "Approve" check box and click the "Next" button.
  6. At this point you may need to sign in or create a new account.  In either case, once you have completed the step, you then end up in the VistaPrint order wizard.  Here you can add optional features, order more products, select shipping methods, etc.  To save money, just click the "Next" button a lot, then buy the card.
Thumbnail of the business card design.  Be sure to download the full size image.

This is a full bleed image intended for use at a professional printing service, so crop the trim margin if you want to print these on your home printer on perforated business card stock.

Promotional Flyers

Here is a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format file that you can open and print on almost any printer. It works work well in both color and grayscale mode.

Half Sheet Flyers (printed 2 per page on 8½x11 Letter Stock)

Download (PDF Format: 469k)

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