Though everyone in the CNCPPD organization is a volunteer, there are still significant costs for putting on this event. These include site/facilities rental, security and emergency personnel, insurance and materials, and much more. To allow us to provide free information booth space to local groups, and to keep our vendor booth fees as low as possible, we solicit sponsorships each year. By sponsoring the event, individuals, groups and companies show support for the Pagan community and are instrumental in making the festival a success.

All sponsorships above individual include a graphic on the website and printed materials and a link on the website. We have three different levels of sponsorship, one for individuals, and two for organizations. Website and printed program listings within sponsorship types are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so register soon.

Individual Supporter

Become an individual supporter for as little as $5. Your name (or brief message) will be listed here on the website and on the programs we hand out at the event. Only 24 individual supporters will be accepted this year. Enter $5 or more for "Sponsor - Individual" on our registration page to become an individual supporter this year!


Organizations can become a sponsor with a donation of $75 or more . Your organization's name, graphic logo or other short message will be displayed on the web site and on the back of the program acknowledging your gift. Also, your listing on our website will be decorated to show you are a sponsor. Enter $75 or more for "Sponsor -$75+" on our registration page to become one of our four (4) group sponsors this year!


We are also still looking for a Festival Partner for the 2011 event. You can become the festival partner with a donation of $150. Your logo will be shown as the official partner of the festival, displayed prominently on the web site, printed materials and signage at the festival. You will also receive premium placement if you host a booth. Enter $150 or more for "Sponsor - Partner $150+" on our registration page to become our one and only festival partner this year!